New Public Humanities Minor

We are excited to announce the NEW public humanities minor in the Department of American Studies‘ Orser Center for the Study of Place, Community, and Culture. Over the past three years a working group co-chaired by Nicole King (chair AMST) and Jessica Berman (Director, Dresher Center, ENGL) with representatives from over a dozen programs and departments across the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) at UMBC has been working to develop the minor. In fall 2019, we will offer the first iteration of PUBH 200: Introduction to Public Humanities (Tu/Th 1-2:15) at UMBC. More to come on the course soon… but you can read the basic details of the minor below.

Please send any questions to Nicole King at [email protected].

The New Public Humanities Minor in the Department of American Studies’ Orser Center for the Study of Place, Community, and Culture (17 credits total)

Students use the tools and methods of the humanities to build knowledge democratically and respond critically to challenges of the twenty-first century. The courses in the public humanities minor prepare students to work collaboratively and creatively to connect original research and programming more deeply the public, including local communities. The minor builds skills for creating sustainable projects that actively engage the public in meaningful dialogue, interaction, and knowledge production. During their core coursework (PUBH 200, 301, and 401) students will develop a public-facing project and a portfolio of work while taking electives offered in AMST and participating departments.

CORE: (7 credits)

  1. PUBH 200: Introduction to Public Humanities (NEW course – offered in fall semester)
  2. AMST 300 OR HIST 300: Approaches/Methods courses in American Studies and Public History + PUBH 301: Project Development Lab 1 credit lab (4 credits total)

ELECTIVES (6 credits):

2 courses from the same or related fields from approved programs and departments


PORTFOLIO: (4 credits total)

1 400-level research, capstone, or applied experience course (3 credits) + lab/portfolio

PUBH 401: Lab/Portfolio: 1 credit

Note: UMBC’s interdisciplinary Summer CoLab Program and AMST’s 4-week Baltimore summer field school count towards the minor.